"Creativity seems to emerge from multiple experiences, coupled with a well-supported development of personal resources including a sense of freedom to venture beyond the unknown."

-Loris Malaguzzi

Image of the Child


We believe that children are capable, curious and full of knowledge and that children bring their passions and interests to the table in their own unique way.  Our curriculum honors each individual child and allows them to experiment, grow and learn in a safe and creative environment.

The Role of the Teacher


We believe the role of the teacher is that of guide, collaborator and initiator.  We work alongside each child, documenting the learning that is occurring and taking the child's lead for personal growth and development.  We provide an environment where questions are asked, mistakes are made and relationships are nurtured.

Environment as Third Teacher


We believe in creating a safe, nurturing environment that is conducive to creative thinking, collaboration and exploration.  With a clean, neutral palette as background, the space is full of beautiful, simple, versatile materials that change and grow with each child's interaction.

Teacher Documentation

We believe that learning is occuring all of the time.  It is through observing, listening and documenting children's learning at the moment it occurs that we are better able to understand where the children are in the learning process and how to better guide them in their next steps.  We use multi-media to document learning from photographs to conversations, works in progress, questions asked and videos taken.  Teachers then reflect together and collaborate as to what types of experiences, provocations and questions best extend the learning experience of the child.

"The Hundred Languages
of Children"

We believe that children have multiple ways of expressing their ideas and understandings.  By allowing children to make their ideas happen through various media (paint, clay, wire, drama, blocks, video, writing, sculpture), we acknowledge and appreciate the unique gifts which each child brings to the table. We help them nourish their talents while helping them discover and develop other ways of self-expression.

Role of Parents

Children are able to grow to their fullest potential when there is a strong home-school connection. Parents are encouraged to participate at CCPS in many ways, whether exploring a classroom provocation (materials that stimulate a child's natural curiosity) with their child at drop off, visiting to share their expertise with our students or helping to support classroom celebrations. 

Role of Community

We believe in using the local community and environment as an extension of the classroom and we often use it as a starting point to teach concepts across the curriculum.  We emphasize hands-on, real-world learning experiences that connect us to our community and help cultivate an appreciation for the natural world in which live.  The Hopewell parks, streams, meadows, farms and trails as well as nearby museums and shops, provide us with much to explore.  We hope to develop strong ties to our community, ones which will grow with the children and help to create a sense of place.