PRINCIPLE 4: texture adds depth

Texture in the environment offers visual interest and depth and provides children with unique tactile experiences.  As children interact wtih sensory elements, they sharpen their observational skills and fine motor abilities through the languages of weaving, sculptures, and textiles.

PRINCIPLE 5:  displays enhance environment

By eliminating clutter, arranging storage materials, and highlighting children's work, the classroom becomes a backdrop to honor all who occupy the space.

PRINCIPLE 6: elements heighten ambiance

Multiple sources of light create an ambiance of relaxation and contemplation.  By using light in supportive ways, children are able to interact creatively with others and the environment.

We offer a full day program M-F from 9am-5pm including
Reggio play time, Morning and Afternoon Meetings with a focus on literacy, outdoor exploration twice a day, a rest period and meal times.  A few spots of half day care from 9am-1pm are available.

Early care from 8am-9am and Late Day Care from 5pm-6pm available.


Sessions designed for children ages 3-5 years of age.


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